Improve Product Sustainability with Life Cycle Assessment

CarbonBright’s automated solution makes it easy to determine the environmental impact of your products using a science-based life-cycle assessment (LCA) approach that conforms with leading industry standards like ISO 14040 and 14044.
Substantiate Marketing Claims
CarbonBright’s product-level environmental impact assessments provide a scientific basis for you to substantiate your sustainable marketing claims and stay in compliance with regulation such as the Green Claims Code (UK) or Green Claims Directive (EU).
Design Sustainable Products
Using CarbonBright’s LCA modeling tool, you can redesign your products to be more sustainable by measuring the impact of various alternatives in the design process.
Communicate Product Sustainability
Your life cycle assessment data can be shared with your consumers to provide transparency into the environmental impact of your products, and highlight your sustainability efforts.

Sustainability insights, in minutes. Here’s how CarbonBright works:

Accelerate your product sustainability journey with our automated and intuitive, world-leading software platform.
Affordable Product Life Cycle Assessment Software

Tackle product-level emissions by identifying hotspots across the product life cycle

CarbonBright automates product-level impact measurement, helping you identify hotspots across the value chain, from raw materials through of end-of-life
Raw Materials 
Distribution & Logistics
Consumer Use & End of Life
Quantify environmental impact of materials & packaging
Understand contribution by individual suppliers & manufacturers
Determine emissions associated to logistics and transportation 
Quantify Consumer Use and End-of-Life Impact
Transition to lower impact ingredients
Switch to more sustainable packaging 
Avoid harmful chemicals and additives
Source materials from suppliers that prioritize sustainability
Engage with specific suppliers to help them align with your emissions targets 
Leverage alternative transportation options such as EV’s, Hydrogen, or Bio-Diesel.
Source from local suppliers
Compare impact of recycling and composting options
Design products with lower consumer use impact


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