The data you need to make an LCA

Have you ever wondered how companies unravel the environmental impact of their products? It’s a bit like being an investigative analyst, and the method they use is called Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA is a powerful tool that helps us understand the environmental footprint of a product, from its creation to disposal. But before we […]

Affordable LCAs

Affordable Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment (LCA) can be quite expensive, costing between $30,000 – $50,000 or more per product depending on its complexity. The largest cost associated with conducting an LCA lies in the data collection and calculation, which LCA practitioners deem as the most difficult part of doing an LCA. However, embarking on a journey towards […]

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment): The 4 Stages

According to standards in the ISO 14040 and 14044, an LCA is carried out in four distinct phases. These phases are: The phases are interdependent. This means none of the stages can be complete until the entire study is complete. Stage 1a: Goal At the heart of every LCA lies a clear and concise goal […]

Avoid Greenwashing: Navigating Sustainability Regulations

CarbonBright Sustainable Claims

Introduction In today’s environmentally conscious world, there’s a growing demand for products that are not only sustainable but also eco-friendly. Consumers and companies are embracing the responsibility to reduce their environmental impact, making it a powerful movement that’s reshaping the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. However, as the demand for eco-friendly options rises, it’s crucial […]

The Power of Digital Platforms in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Calculations

Introduction In today’s evolving world, sustainability has become a key focus for all businesses. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has emerged as a tool for evaluating the impact of products. As the demand for more sustainable products grows, so does the need for timely and accurate LCAs. In this technological era, digital solutions are proving to […]

What is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?

What is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)? A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) measures the environmental impact of a product throughout it’s entire lifecycle. The life cycle is divided into 5 main stages, including: What are the 4 steps of a Life Cycle Assessment? 1. Goal and Scope Definition: Before conducting an LCA, it’s crucial to […]