The Product-Level Sustainability Platform for CPG Supply Chains

Fast and scalable life cycle assessments empowering product companies to measure, analyse and lower their product impact.

Product-Level Sustainability Platform for CPG Supply Chains
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Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, CarbonBright automatically aggregates product supply chain data from an extensive network of sources. By harnessing the power of generative AI, any information gaps are efficiently filled, culminating in the creation of a digital-twin representation of your supply chain. The outcome is a rapid and cost-effective LCA of your products, delivering valuable insights and supporting sustainable decision-making.


Resulting environmental footprints are in accordance with global industry standards. (ISO 14044:2006 & ISO 14067:2018) Our methodology is verified by independent 3rd party accreditors.


Our predictive models mean we don’t need to gather every bit of data before we do the analysis meaning you can start putting insights into action right away. Our platform automatically identifies ‘hotspots’ in product portfolios, and provides instant analytics & specific recommendations to reduce emissions or substitute alternative materials & packaging.

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Backed By Science. Aligned With Global Industry Standards.

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CarbonBright has been instrumental in empowering our brand to achieve greater transparency into our product-level emissions. With their innovative solutions, we can now confidently communicate our commitment to a greener future, providing consumers with the transparency they deserve and fostering a deeper connection with our eco-conscious values.
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